Welcome to the NAhistory Project online. If you are coming back to the site, you may have noticed some changes. It has been a long time coming and thank you for your patience. There have been other more pressing NAhistory Project, well project's taking place. Our goal is to provide a world wide resource for addicts to learn the history of Narcotics Anonymous. Like our open meetings this site is open to all who wish to learn the NA way of life. It is my belief that the more we know of our past not only are we less likely to repeat our mistakes, but also the more we will appreciate our present.

Change is the only constant. That is a true and meaningful phrase in any recovering addicts lives. Well that is the point in which the NAhistory Project Online is at in its life. A facelift as you will. The new design of the site is something that we toiled over for years. We wanted to take the site in a direction that embraced change and growth.  I hope that you enjoy the new site. Check back often we will be ever changing and growing.


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